Two great speakers at Wildlife Queensland Bayside meeting – 30th June 7:30pm – talking about Gliding Marsupials

Free public talk about Australia’s gliding marsupials.

Friday 30th June 2017  7:30pm at Runnymede Road, Indigiscapes Capalaba, just off Redland Bay Road.

Our Speaker is Matt Cecil from Wildlife Queensland and Jenny Davis from Redland Council.  They will be talking about our local gliding marsupials.

All six species of Australian glider are found in Queensland, five of them in the south-east of the State. They range in size from the tiny feathertail glider, which can sit in a child’s hand, to the solitary and regionally vulnerable greater glider.

Come along to a free night of great talks and hear about our local gliders and about the great work that is being done by the Queensland Glider Network  who is helping protect these unique and beautiful creatures for future generations.

A light supper is provided.


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