What is the least I can do for adaptation?

At a glance

  • Many organisations attempting to adapt to climate change have limited financial and human resources and capacity.  Adapting to climate change is just one more pressure that must be dealt with among many others, creating competition for resources within organisations.
  •  We present here a series of actions that are the least that can be done in terms of adaptation planning, and that require very minimal resources.
  • A good starting point is to use existing information and data (climate change projections, maps, state/local government reports) to understand the broader climate change risk of your area and the potential implications for your business.
  • The principal goal of this low-resources approach is to evaluate the urgency of the situation. Do the risks from climate change present an imminent threat that must be dealt with now, or is it possible to safely delay action into the future?
  • If taking this approach, it is not sufficient to simply gather evidence to support the decision that action can be delayed. It is necessary at a minimum to decide when to revisit the situation to re-evaluate the risks.

Source: Coast Adapt.

CoastAdapt is an information delivery and decision support framework. It is for anyone with an interest in Australia’s coast, the risks it faces from climate change and sea-level rise, and what can be done to respond to those risks.

CoastAdapt contains information and guidance to help people from all walks of life understand climate change and the responses available to manage the impacts. Although there is a focus on Australia’s coastal regions, CoastAdapt also links the user to climate change resources on the NCCARF website and beyond that are relevant to Australia more broadly.


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