Help in the conservation of our birds

From Birdlife Australia.

Have you visited a Key Biodiversity Area (KBA)? If you have, chances are you love nature and have sought out a KBA for an adventure in the great outdoors.

If you haven’t, it’s possible you’ve been lured to one unawares in pursuit of its rare or special birds.

Like you, BirdLife Australia wants to know more about KBAs and the birds that inhabit them. To do this we rely on our incredible volunteers.

We have a dedicated force of volunteer KBA Guardians checking on the health of their allocated KBA every Easter, and thousands more submitting bird surveys, year round, through our national monitoring program, Birdata.

Currently, we receive bird records for about half of our 315 Australian KBAs, but we’re eager to receive more. This information underpins our conservation actions, interventions, and science-based advocacy.

To help you get started with bird surveys in KBAs, we thought we’d share one in your state we’d love to receive more data from (also a great holiday destination).

Never used Birdata before? Get started here.

WHERE: Wooroonooran KBA (30 min from Cairns)
WHAT: Golden Bowerbird, Chowilla, Victoria’s Riflebird (some of the threatened species you might be lucky enough to see)
WHEN: Year-round
WHY: The Wet Tropics is a small region, and many repeat surveys are needed to detect population trends in KBAs; this information can be used for the ‘State of Australia’s Birds’ report.

You can make a difference to the conservation of our native birds by submitting your bird surveys through Birdata. To inspire you,

check out the Queensland KBA map above, take a look at our interactive map of Australia, or download a map of KBAs within 100km of Brisbane.

Missed the last email? Click here to find out what we are doing in KBAs to save threatened birds.


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