Vision through mangroves

“Vision through Mangroves” is about raising the profile of mangroves in the community by illustrating many of their positive attributes.  It’s about their tenacity in buffering and protecting the shorelines from erosion and storm surges, in protecting the rivers, creeks and the bay from sediment run-off from the land; it’s about heir nurturing havitat for animals, local and migratory birds, and fish and their great beauty.

As I kayak in our local creeks, and collect data in Coochiemudlo mangroves I think on that topic.  The aim of the exhibition is that our vision through mangroves will be more positive and informed.

Artist Narelle Renn

Dr Norm Duke, a highly-acclaimed expert in the field of mangrove ecology will open the Exhibition at 11.30 Saturday 11th August at “Mudlo” Native Gardens.  In conjunction with this thought-provoking art being exhibited from 10th – 19th July, there’ll be daily walks and a great line-up of talks from leading scientists, citizen scientists, council officers and locals. There’s something for everyone.  To get into the Coochie culture and amongst the Emerald Fringe check out the PROGRAM Vision through mangroves



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