Citizen Science Roundup


Friday 28th Nov 2014 7.30 pm

Wildlife Queensland and in particular Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch have been undertaking some exciting and useful science in the coastal and nearby bushland areas around Moreton Bay. Seagrass and Mangrove, Bush Curlews, native fish and other species have been the subject of monitoring over the last decade in some cases and using innovate monitoring techniques.

A summary of the last few years efforts will be the subject of the next talk. Friday 28th November 2014 7.30 pm at Indigiscapes 17 Runnymede Road, Capalaba.

Trends and interesting findings will be discussed. Did you know dugongs regularly use our Bayside shoreline seagrass meadows. Did you know an ancient relic reef can be found at Ormiston. The beautiful Ornate Rainbowfish still inhabits our fresh water streams and the unique black Bobuck still lives in our local rainforests. This and other interesting snippets, beautiful photos and satellite images will be presented.

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