Moreton Island MI2 – important and beautiful

Thanks to Tangalooma Resort our teams can access our seagrass monitoring sites on Moreton Island.

This not only makes the logistics of getting teams to Moreton Island easy but it enables us to gather valuable data about the health and extent of seagrass adjacent to the island.

Moreton Island MI2 is an important seagrass monitoring site and its also a beautiful part of Moreton Bay.

The recent seagrass survey of MI2 found a green turtle, catshark, coloured fish, wormfish, urchins and brittle starfish. The birdlife was amazing and abundant particularly the sighting of a number of Beach Curlew, Esacus magnirostris, this was a great find.

Unfortunately, the team also found areas of Lyngbya. The Moreton Bay seagrass watch teams have an important role in reporting Lyngbya outbreaks and the MI2 team have reported this one.

At night the team watched dolphins play and feed in the shallows at Tangalooma.

Moreton Bay is beautiful and even more so when viewed from Moreton Island.






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