Horned ghost crabs change camouflage from day to night

Horned ghost crabs change their appearance from day to night for camouflage, a study has revealed.

The species Ocypode ceratophthalmus builds burrows on beaches from Japan to East Africa to shelter from predators.

Researchers investigating young crabs’ defences found they fine-tune their brightness to mimic their background.  The crabs reflected changes in their environment throughout the day, becoming lighter in the daytime and darker at night.  The findings are published in the Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.  Source: BBC Nature News    Click here to read more.

Interestingly Australian researchers in 2006 found Fiddler Crabs, in particular Uca vomeris changed their colour when predated upon by birds.  They showed that colourful crab individuals subjected to dummy bird predation changed their body colouration over a matter of days.  They also appeared to modify their social signalling system depending on their assessment of predation risk.
Click here to read more.



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