Moreton’s Mangroves Exposed

Moreton’s Mangroves Exposed is a unique blend of art and academia which aims to raise the profile of the magnificent yet sometimes maligned mangrove ecosystem.

From absolute beginners to established artists all are encouraged to submit entries that depict a mangrove or something that has a demonstrable connection to mangroves. Entries will be displayed at the Artist Tree, Bloomfield Street Cleveland for two weeks, commencing with an Exhibition Opening on Saturday, 27th April.

Amid the mangrove-themed art, renowned mangrove scientists Dr Norm Duke and Jock Mackenzie will reveal their analyses of data collected by citizen scientists during ‘MangroveWatch’ in and around Moreton Bay.

Citizen science is quickly gaining credibility and over 80% of respondents to a survey by Sydney’s University of Technology saying they use community science for management and research.

The benefits of mangroves are multiple and have been known for some time. They are ‘coastal kidneys’ trapping sediment and filtering nutrients from the land which threaten water quality and seafood production.

They are essential habitat for 70% of the fish, crab and prawn harvest. They buffer coastlines from wave action and are cheaper alternatives to built infrastructure for coastal protection. Mangroves, which are forests above and beneath the water, are now recognised for their ability to absorb carbon at a rate three to four times greater than their terrestrial counterparts.

And, as Moreton’s Mangroves Exposed will show, mangroves move many to creativity.

For details about the competition click here -> Entry Form and Conditions

For more details & program click here -> Entrant Information & Program

Contact: Debra Henry Project Officer, T2T – SEQ, OWA

T: 07 3286 6194 | Mb: 0488 087 772

Moreton Bay, Julie Geldard


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