A look at seagrass monitoring on Amity Banks (AB1) Moreton Bay

AB1 is located on Amity Banks in Moreton Bay.  See the below maps for details.
You can click on the maps (any image) to make them larger.

AB1 has been monitored by Deb, Frank and Megan, a team from Moreton Bay Community Seagrass Watch,  since 2005.  The result of their good work has allowed us to plot changes to seagrass density and types over that time. See the below chart. The most notable change seen on this chart is the sudden drop in seagrass biomass in April 2009. This records the damage caused by the 2009 stormy seas whipped up by cyclone Hamish. This is the storm where the Pacific Adventurer lost 31 containers over board just off Moreton Bay. Since then the data collected by the Moreton Bay Community Seagrass Watch team shows a slow but generally steady recovery at this site. However, the diversity of seagrass species has not yet returned to the same extent as seen prior to 2009.

Before 2009 AB1 supported many of the 7 species of seagrass that you would generally find in Moreton Bay.

Click on the below to see the before and after images of the 2009 storm damage comparison storm damage

Temperature is something the team also monitors at AB1 and a sample of the four (4) hourly monitoring data collected by our iButtons (electronic temperature monitors) is shown below.

With the April – March Seagrass Watch survey period fast approaching we and the AB1 team are keen to see the results of the recent 2013 floods. We will keep you posted on our findings.




Temp monitoring at AB1


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