Science at the Grand View Hotel – Scientists and campaigners talk about – North Stradbroke Island and the Coral Sea Marine Park

Science at the Grand View Hotel – Scientists and campaigners talk about – North Stradbroke Island and the Coral Sea Marine Park

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On Saturday 17 November 2012 from 9.00am to 11.30am the Historic Grand View Hotel will once again be the venue for informative talks, this time about two very special places, North Stradbroke Island and the Coral Sea.

Talking about North Stradbroke Island is Dr Jan Aldenhoven. Jan and her partner Glen are wildlife filmmakers and have travelled extensively in Australia and overseas working on many of the David Attenborough documentaries. Their work includes the landmark film Kangaroos-faces in the mob, and the epic migration of red crabs on Christmas Island in Kingdom of the Crabs. Living on North Stradbroke Island Jan and Glen have turned their photographic skills to capturing the island’s fascinating wildlife habitats.

Dr Jan Aldenhoven said, “North Stradbroke Island is a natural treasure deeply loved by Queenslanders. The island was created by sand deposition over millennia, sculpted by wind and water. Today there is a remarkable diversity of habitats on the island from bonsai heathlands to mallee, tall blackbutt forests, pockets of rainforest, ferny gullies, lakes and lagoons.”

Dr Jan Aldenhoven will present a visual tour of the island’s natural treasures and explain why the island is so special.

Second speaker is Ms Fiona Maxwell, Coral Sea Campaign Co-ordinator Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Fiona has been extremely lucky to have dived and surfed some of the world’s most spectacular waters including Central and South America, south-east Asia and of course Australia.

As a past advisor to the Queensland Minister for the Environment and for the Queensland Department of Environment she is well qualified to talk about the Coral Sea.

Fiona will talk about the Coral Sea, one of the last refuges on earth for large ocean fish and healthy coral reefs. She will speak about the Coral Sea marine reserve which will be almost 1 million square kilometres in area.

The talks are free and Morning Tea is provided. Bring your family and friends along to hear from the people who contribute to the conservation of Queensland wildlife habitat areas.

For further details contact Mr Michael Lusis

Chair, Wildlife Queensland Research Group

Mb: 0448761114


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