Science in the Pub – Floods, Moreton Bay, Climate change and rainforests

Science in the Pub – Floods, Moreton Bay, Climate change and rainforests

The next session of Science in the Pub to be held at the Grand View hotel (Cleveland) will be about the impacts of the floods on our bay and creeks and also about the impact our changing climate is having on our local rainforests.

Science in the Pub once again brings the latest science to the public in a form that’s entertaining and informative.

Science in the Pub – Guest speakers will be Chief Scientist for Healthy Waterways Dr. James Udy and Senior Ecologist Dr Melinda Laidlaw from the Queensland Herbarium

Dr. James Udy will provide us with an updated assessment of the health of our waterways. Given our creeks and rivers have experienced some of the heaviest rainfall and biggest floods in living memory the results from Healthy Waterways will be interesting to hear. Perhaps not surprising that the impacts of these events have been severe on our environment however it is surprising to hear how the pre-flood health of those effected systems determined the severity of the long-term effects of those floods. James will provide us with the latest information on the impact the 2011 flood has had on our Bay.

Dr Melinda Laidlaw is researching the impacts of climate on our rainforests, looking at the changing vegetation and in particular the changing plant species. Climate change is potentially causing a turn-over and change in vegetation in our forests and is impacting upon the availability of water as the predominant cloud base moves further up the slope. Melinda’s work is focused on the rainforests of south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales, which are highly diverse, and their flora and structure very complex.

Science in the Pub will be held at the Grand View Hotel (Cleveland) on the 19th November from 9am – 12pm. Both the talks and Morning Tea on the day are provided free. For more information contact Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch by email  or Michael Lusis                      mb: 0448 761 114 for more details.

Moreton Bay

Science in the Pub – 19 Nov 2011 – program


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