A brief geological history of Wellington Point

A brief geological history of Wellington Point.

by Josef Major.  Geologist.

Our environment stores and shows its history and the processes it was exposed to. This is not only the “recent” history of human influence but the geological history also. A very pleasant environment in which this geological history can be observed is at Wellington Point, on the mainland side of Moreton Bay in the Redlands.

The eastern foreshores of Wellington Point, just north-east of the headland in relation to landforms, is a complex site with a deeply weathered (lateritised)basalt headland, wave-cut base, sand bar to King Island, seagrass meadows, rubble cover over a tidal flat and both a remnant and living fringing coral reef. It contrasts with the adjacent areas just south of the Point, where fringing mangroves and mudflats are the dominant landforms.

The signs of the long-gone and current geological processes that have shaped the landscape at Wellington Point are still observable to a keen eye.

read the full document at http://www.sbaltais.com/seagrass/files/Geology.of.Wellington.Point.June2005.pdf


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