Hello. Welcome to Moreton Bay Seagrass Watch

Seagrass is a valuable resource.  It provides food and shelter for a multitude of species, including prawns, fish, sea turtles, dugongs and shorebirds.  The health of our seagrass is under constant threat from both natural and human impacts, and we need your help to monitor its condition.  

By joining the Seagrass-Watch team of volunteers, you can be trained to do just that, and at the same time contribute to the management of the Moreton Bay.  

Seagrass-Watch is an award winning, community based, habitat assessment program. Survey methods are scientifically rigorous but simple and easy to learn and the results help guide decision making in areas such as Marine Park planning and ecosystem health monitoring.

If the idea of an afternoon with nature, and the knowledge that your participation assists in the management of our natural resources appeals to you, then join the Seagrass-Watch team.  It’s a fun activity and provides a great opportunity to get to know the Moreton Bay and its wildlife including many interesting birds and invertebrates and the chance to spot turtles and dugong.  Contact us via email to see how you can get involved.

Email: seagrassmb@gmail.com    

Web:      http://www.sbaltais.com/seagrass/ or  http://www.wildlife.org.au/projects/seagrass/


Simon Baltais
Program manager
Moreton Bay Community Seagrass Watch


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